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04:06 PM pfSense Feature #4821: PPPoE WANs do not take full advantage of NIC driver queues for receiving traffic
The problem with the patch mentioned in comment 12 was that it was a kludge for igb(4) only, not a fix for the underl... David Wood
03:34 PM pfSense Packages Bug #7271: Co-existence of unbound and BIND/named
The work-round I used back in the days of the pfSense 2.2.x BIND port was to call rndc-confgen with the "-p <control ... David Wood


03:19 AM pfSense Bug #5993: dhcp6c not started until an RA received
Richard Patterson wrote:
> David Wood wrote:
> > Maybe a clearer description is:
> >
> > Do not wait for a RA [ ...
David Wood


08:26 PM pfSense Bug #5993: dhcp6c not started until an RA received
The issue raised in this bug should certainly be addressed, but I urge careful review of the commentary in Issue 1 of... David Wood
06:07 AM pfSense Bug #6200: LACP with em driver does not work with cisco active lacp setup
The original poster has started the forum thread
The thread ...
David Wood


05:01 AM pfSense Bug #5857: VLANs on interface with 1500 MTU PPPoE end up with 1508 MTU
I, too, believe that the "All vlans need to use the same mtu value as their parent" comment at the head of interface_... David Wood


03:15 AM pfSense Revision da8b271a: Tell rrd that ntpd offset can be negative as well as positive
David Wood
02:35 AM pfSense Revision a99dc521: Don't kill an sshd parent process on exit from /etc/rc.initial
This stops exiting a shell running in an SSH session from terminating the parent sshd process, which has the unwanted... David Wood


04:01 AM pfSense Bug #5621: dhcp6c running twice with PPP. random interface ID issue at boot time
Thanks for the merge to master, Chris. I submitted a pull request for the RELENG_2_2 version of the patch at https://... David Wood


02:05 PM pfSense Bug #5747: interfaces.php - Hitting apply on interface messes DHCPv6 config
Steve B - I'm fairly certain that it's the call to interface_configure() that will set in motion the generation of th... David Wood

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