Robert Middleswarth




05:56 PM pfSense Packages Bug #3495: Zabbix2-Agent and Zabbix2-proxy upgrade.
Ultimately the issue is the fact that the 2.0.4 version used a shared utility file. If you uninstall one you can't u...


07:27 AM pfSense Bug #3794: Re-orderable IPsec
Issue was fixed in 2.2 why marked as rejected?


09:46 AM pfSense Bug #4492 (Resolved): pfSsh.php help appears to reference an older config structure.
The example give to enable a static internface
/* to enable an interface and set a static ip address */


11:53 AM pfSense Feature #2834: carp+pfsync: add ability to prefer one node as master
My patch was rejected. Looking to see what will be accepted.


07:59 PM pfSense Feature #2834: carp+pfsync: add ability to prefer one node as master
Attached is a simple fix based on the initial request of giving people the option to disable the syncing of the skew ...


09:38 AM pfSense Bug #3383: Web GUI becomes slow or unusable if the LDAP server used for GUI auth is unreachable
Renato Botelho being able to revert to local DB is a useful workaround compared to the current process of having to e...


03:31 PM pfSense Bug #3794 (Duplicate): Re-orderable IPsec
Allow IPSec tunnel order to be changed much like Firewall Rules can be re-ordered. The purpose is to give one tunnel ...
03:24 PM pfSense Feature #893: Re-orderable IPsec
This is going on 4 year now. Running in the same problem again. Unlike static routes IPsec routes are done by the o...


08:29 AM pfSense Bug #3581 (Rejected): Create Option to either password protech just 1 option or remove it from the console.
We have had issue with instead of rebooting they will hit option 4) Reset to factory default. That option need to be...


04:26 PM pfSense Packages Feature #3497: Zabbix-2 Proxy needs a custom field box.
Wrote up a quick patch to add the feature.

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