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07:18 AM pfSense Feature #9111: Add IPsec VTI interface MTU support
I applied this patch to my 2.4.4 machines. They have been running for a while without issue. When I change the MTU it...


11:26 AM pfSense Revision 83bf2511: Update diag_ping.php
11:23 AM pfSense Revision e00d0c0c: Update diag_ping.php
10:19 AM pfSense Revision 90661d90: Update diag_ping.php
As per comment. Hint left for sake of consistency.
09:11 AM pfSense Feature #9862 (Resolved): Add support for waiting between ping-packages on diag_ping.php
I wanted to wait a longer time between sending pings. The diag_ping.php interface does not have support for this.
09:07 AM pfSense Revision 0a6222e5: Update diag_ping.php
09:06 AM pfSense Revision fb228a34: Update diag_ping.php
Fix missing '$'
08:56 AM pfSense Revision 88ccb45b: Update diag_ping.php
08:46 AM pfSense Revision 740e289b: Update diag_ping.php
08:40 AM pfSense Revision 2d0b01e0: Update diag_ping.php
Add support for setting wait period between pings

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