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09:30 AM pfSense Packages Bug #11841 (New): FRR access lists default bahavior changed to permit by default
Free Range Routing's Access List behavior in pfSense 2.5.x has changed fundamentally from previous versions, changing... Gavin Owen
07:08 AM pfSense Packages Feature #11837 (New): Increase field length of FRR Networks in Access Lists and Prefix Lists
The field lengths for the network statements within the Free Range Routing package's Access Control List and Prefix-L... Gavin Owen
06:40 AM pfSense Packages Bug #11836 (New): FRR ACCEPTFILTER unstable
Adding entries to the ACCEPTFILTER prefix-list creates erratic behavior within the FRR running configuration.
Gavin Owen
03:02 AM pfSense Packages Bug #11835 (New): FRR OSPF redistributed connected routes disappearing
pfSense/FRR is flushing and repropagating certain OSPF routes unnecessarily, causing outages.
Scenario is two fire...
Gavin Owen


12:31 AM pfSense Packages Feature #11206: FRR 7.5
Network engineer here - have been configuring routers since the early 90's (Cisco IOS/IOS-XR/Nexus, Juniper, Alcatel-... Gavin Owen


08:19 PM pfSense Bug #11231: OpenVPN tunnel exiting wrong interface
"itself a suboptimal practice" - in most scenarios it would be, but I would have to explain the network topology for ... Gavin Owen
08:03 PM pfSense Bug #11231: OpenVPN tunnel exiting wrong interface
Thank you very much for the clarifcation - I will remove the unnecessary filter rules. Gavin Owen
08:25 AM pfSense Bug #11231: OpenVPN tunnel exiting wrong interface
After wiresharking in the lab, it seems I have miscategorised this issue. When the afforementioned floating tab filte... Gavin Owen
07:00 AM pfSense Bug #11231 (Not a Bug): OpenVPN tunnel exiting wrong interface
In a multi-WAN environment with multiple OpenVPN tunnels, it seems the tunnels can egress the incorrect WAN interface... Gavin Owen
07:59 PM pfSense Bug #11230: Firewall match rules incorrectly matching multiple OpenVPN tunnel interfaces
Hi Jim I started a thread already but there are currently no responses
Gavin Owen

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