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11:40 AM pfSense Docs Correction #10371: Update flow control tuning doc for chelsio
It may also be good to recommend disablement of the non-router related resource allocations so the NIC can use its en...


01:52 PM pfSense Bug #9565: Too many redirects error in /services_unbound_acls.php
Yes, sorry, it looks to be machine-specific. It did it when I'd rebooted and started without addons, tried over diffe...
12:54 PM pfSense Bug #9565 (Not a Bug): Too many redirects error in /services_unbound_acls.php
Reproducible in Safari 12.1.1. I don't remember what previous release I had worked with before where it loaded succes...


08:39 AM pfSense Feature #9060 (New): add rule name filtering field for firewall log viewer
It would be very helpful to have a field available in the firewall log filter to search on matched rule name (i.e. Ev...


09:35 AM pfSense Feature #8965 (Resolved): GUI interface for switchable security mitigations
With the constellation of tunable workarounds for hardware-based security bugs, it might be helpful to build a table ...


07:30 AM pfSense Bug #4682: invalid return payload crash on primary on filter reload
Looks like a different manifestation of the issue fixed here:
07:14 AM pfSense Bug #4682 (Resolved): invalid return payload crash on primary on filter reload
After upgrading to 2.2.2 a crash occurs on CARP primary machines after syncing their config to the secondary. It appe...


09:04 AM pfSense Feature #2593: sync NTPD, SNMP config between HA members
With the expanded config options in 2.2, this seems even more valuable now.


02:05 PM pfSense Feature #4205 (Resolved): unbound config option missing
The config option for "use-caps-for-id" is missing from the Advanced tab of the Resolver config page. It's not critic...

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