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NTP authentiction

Added by Tod L almost 3 years ago. Updated 18 days ago.

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NIST 800.53, specifically CM-6, requires network devices sync their time source using authenticated NTP. I'd like to request the NTP client in pfsense have an option to use authentication with NIST time servers. Cicso routers have this capability built in.

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Updated by Jim Pingle almost 2 years ago

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Updated by Viktor Gurov over 1 year ago

Currently supported NTP auth hashes by vendors:
Juniper - MD5, SHA1, SHA256
Huawei - MD5, SHA256
Palo Alto - MD5, SHA1
Cisco, Avaya and most other vendors - MD5 only

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Updated by Viktor Gurov 10 months ago

Server side authentication support:

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PR has been merged. Thanks!

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after configuring ntpd authentication on Debian peer I can see packets with MAC:

Network Time Protocol (NTP Version 4, server)
    Flags: 0x24, Leap Indicator: no warning, Version number: NTP Version 4, Mode: server
    Peer Clock Stratum: secondary reference (3)
    Peer Polling Interval: 6 (64 sec)
    Peer Clock Precision: 0.000015 sec
    Root Delay: 0.0244598388671875 seconds
    Root Dispersion: 0.07177734375 seconds
    Reference ID:
    Reference Timestamp: Nov 28, 2020 16:00:20.461789665 UTC
    Origin Timestamp: Nov 28, 2020 16:09:03.511942520 UTC
    Receive Timestamp: Nov 28, 2020 16:09:03.515572186 UTC
    Transmit Timestamp: Nov 28, 2020 16:09:03.515697472 UTC
    Key ID: 00000001
    Message Authentication Code: 5e194bd30f46bb22789f80c8e8964ae7

linux peer 'ntpq -c as' output:

ind assid status  conf reach auth condition  last_event cnt
  1 59188  8811   yes  none  none    reject    mobilize  1
  2 59189  f31a   yes   yes   ok    outlier    sys_peer  1

pfSense 2.5.0.a.20201127.1850

pfSense NTP client still doesn't have authentication support, so I set the target version to

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Updated by LamaZ . 4 months ago

Folks, I made a patch to the function system_ntp_configure() in the file /etc/inc/ to get this working. Tested on 21.02.2.

Patch pasted here:, see below auth field indicating ok on the ntp client on pfSense.

[21.02.2-RELEASE][admin@your-sweet-pfsense-server-name]/root: ntpq -pc as
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
*  .NIST.           1 u    7   64  377   10.865   -0.019   0.738

ind assid status  conf reach auth condition  last_event cnt
  1 64816  f61a   yes   yes   ok   sys.peer    sys_peer  1


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Updated by Steve Wheeler about 2 months ago

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The ntp client auth is yet to be implemented.

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Updated by Ansley Barnes 18 days ago

Is it possible to add the option for SHA256 authentication? The underlying NTPd version appears to support it.


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