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08:49 AM pfSense Bug #9295: IPv6 PD does not work with PPPOE (Server & Client)
Do I get this bug right?
If my upstream WAN connection is PPPoE and I try to delegate prefixes via DHCPv6 it won't w...


02:52 AM pfSense Feature #6626: Allow IPv6 firewall entries with dynamic PD prefix + static host address
I think this issue really needs to be adressed ASAP. If I understand this correctly it means that today the best work...


08:18 AM pfSense Packages Feature #7519: Add support for --listen-v6 to ACME standalone webserver
The script also knows the _ncaddr_ variable. If it is set to a specific IPv6 address all works so no modifica...
07:07 AM pfSense Packages Bug #8126 (Duplicate): ACME standalone HTTP not listening on IPv6
When I try to register a certificate via the ACME service I have a DNS name that only has an IPv6 record (AAAA). When...


09:31 AM pfSense Bug #3334: Status/Traffic Graph isn't IPv6 ready
When will this be resolved? This is a really old bug.


10:04 AM pfSense Feature #6600 (New): DHCP Server - Primary DDNS Address won't accept IPv6 address
For the DDNS feature in the DHCP Server one cannot enter an IPv6 address. The error message is: ...


01:35 PM pfSense Feature #6243 (Duplicate): Traffic Graph include IPv6 addresses
This pictures shows a computer downloading something and then also an upload.
The download worked via legacy Interne...


02:01 PM pfSense Bug #6055 (Confirmed): Menu items may remain from packages no longer installed
I just upgraded to 2.3 RC as described here:
Under Services the...


12:48 PM pfSense Packages Bug #3343: (re)starting freeradius service throws "The command '/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ stop' returned exit code '1', the output was 'radiusd not running?'"
I have the same problem as Adrian Lewis. pfsense 2.2.6 amd64 radiusd keeps crashing down. My pfsense setup ran very w...


07:39 AM pfSense Bug #4648 (Resolved): ifconfig syncpeer fails with IPv6 address
When running CARP in an IPv6 only environment I get this error during bootup:
Apr 22 14:11:32 fw002-ac php:

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