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03:50 PM pfSense Feature #5525: Add static routes for OpenVPN client remote peer addresses when using non-default WANs
We just had a LOT of trouble understanding something like this.
I set an openvpn tunnel to use "any" interface, an...


09:31 AM pfSense Packages Bug #5501 (Duplicate): apinger still giving unrealistic low RTTs after some time. Restarting it always fix it.
It IS pinging the correct "monitor" IP, I can see it through tcpdump
12:36:47.624421 IP 201.72.x.x > 72.14.197.x: ...
07:19 AM pfSense Bug #5500 (Resolved): IPsec won't create firewall rules when you use an IP Alias on "Interface"
Set interface to an IP Alias:
[2.2.5-RELEASE]/root: pfctl -sr |grep -i ipsec
anchor "ipsec/*" all
pass out on enc0...


10:35 AM pfSense Packages Bug #5417 (Rejected): squid "refresh patterns" adding range_offset_limit -1 globally
On "local cache" tab, when you enable any of the hardcoded refresh patterns (windows update, symantec, avira, avast),...


01:48 PM pfSense Packages Bug #5406 (Resolved): FreeRADIUS will run with its default conf after being reinstalled by pfsense's upgrade process
Everytime I update pfsense, the freeradius package goes back to its default conf, even though the GUI keeps its previ...


11:32 AM pfSense Bug #4081: Apinger reporting incorrect latency
Sending ping #1584 to GWPDP (
Recently lost packets: 0
Sending ping *#3607* to GWEBT (200.230.251....


08:56 PM pfSense Bug #4081: Apinger reporting incorrect latency
I must add that this always happened, with 2.1.4, 2.1.5, 2.2.0, 2.2.1 and 2.2.2. In a XEN or VMWare environment.
08:54 PM pfSense Bug #4081: Apinger reporting incorrect latency
I have this bug here. It screws up our Multi-WAN setup. Ideally we should use losses/highping to switch gateways, but...

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