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05:12 AM pfSense Bug #6579: IPv6 CARP VIPs lost upon config sync where they include non-significant zeros
I have just experienced an interesting mutation of the issue. My IPv6 CARP virtual address was ending with zero: fddf... Yaroslav Sokolov


08:30 AM pfSense Bug #9252: wol-only user can delete WOL records
Thank you Jim, I awaited something like this :) Yaroslav Sokolov
05:13 AM pfSense Bug #9252 (Not a Bug): wol-only user can delete WOL records
A user, which has only "wol" privileges, can delete WOL records by clicking on the bin icon.
The same time, the us...
Yaroslav Sokolov


06:37 AM pfSense Bug #7600: Unable to save DNS Resolver settings
I have also just faced this problem on my 2.3.5-RELEASE-p1 (i386) nanobsd (2g). Interesting is, that adding Host Over... Yaroslav Sokolov


12:18 AM pfSense Revision 3cb773da: cherry pic from 'hotfix/3347-Certificate_Authority_SAN_names_not_working':
bugfix #3347: Certificate Authority SAN names not working in 2.1
subjectAltName can be set _only_ via configuration ...
Yaroslav Sokolov

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