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08:51 PM pfSense Revision f338b271: Improve help message for limiter/queue masks.
The user-facing most important change is that when setting masks on
Queues, we are not creating dynamic pipes (but qu...
Felix Wolfsteller


10:03 AM pfSense Bug #8413: Virtual IP on PPPOE interface no longer working with 2.4.3
Same (error in log) happening here, but already on version 2.4.1-RELEASE (amd64) . PPOE-interface with virtual IPs (v... Felix Wolfsteller


04:25 AM pfSense Bug #7883: Aliases can only be deleted by some users
So, new insights (and the bug in that form can be closed):
- alias generation was not automatic but user triggered
Felix Wolfsteller
03:57 AM pfSense Bug #7883 (Not a Bug): Aliases can only be deleted by some users
We have following setup:
- pfsense 2.3.4-RELEASE-p1
- one default admin user
- one user with all privileges assign...
Felix Wolfsteller


11:27 AM pfSense Revision b36b36ee: improve README by full stop and link to github-help
(cherry picked from commit 47dc4743a81edb0ae316591f63d62767b56f6e69) Felix Wolfsteller
08:44 AM pfSense Revision 47dc4743: improve README by full stop and link to github-help
Felix Wolfsteller
03:48 AM pfSense Feature #5112: LDAP support for Captive Portal
Any chance an implementation as outlined above would make it into upstream? Would be happy to give the implementation... Felix Wolfsteller


10:04 PM pfSense Revision e34e800e: Improve helpfulness of smtp-test buttons help-text.
Felix Wolfsteller


07:18 AM pfSense Revision 69b29760: mention m0n0wall heritage.
Felix Wolfsteller
06:56 AM pfSense Revision e5656015: Fix support-sentence and mailto-link in README.
Felix Wolfsteller

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