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01:10 PM pfSense Todo #15483 (New): Update Unbound to 1.20.0
Update Unbound to version 1.20.0, as this newest version contains a fix for the DNSBomb vulnerability CVE-2024-33655. Glenn Hall


11:34 PM pfSense Packages Feature #14712: CrowdSec package
I have been testing this for several months now and like it as another layer of security that uses very little resour... Glenn Hall
11:25 PM pfSense Packages Bug #15365: pfBlockerNG PHP error when editing a list
I can also confirm this behavior. I corrected it in my setup by editing line 391 of /usr/local/www/pfblockerng/pfbloc... Glenn Hall


01:52 AM pfSense Bug #1819: DNS Resolver Not Registering DHCP Server Specified Domain Name
I, for one, would hate to lose a true DNS resolver (Unbound) and have just a forwarder (dnsmasq) as my only choice fo... Glenn Hall


02:37 AM pfSense Packages Bug #14366: Enabling IPv6 DNSBL pfb_dnsbl service startup failure
The patch works for me. The DNSBL now starts again. Thank you! Glenn Hall


11:23 AM pfSense Bug #13883: UDP checksum errors with ``ixgbe`` interfaces
This issue appears to be fixed now that commit @d9b31bb0c79fc0febe4c93d71af6bc7de4009ccf@ was merged on 2/9. This can... Glenn Hall


03:36 PM pfSense Packages Bug #13926: pfBlockerNG-devel 3.2.0 - Slow MaxMind Database Downloads under PHP 8.1
This change fixed two issues I have seen with pfB since moving to 23.01: 1) slow MaxMind downloads; 2) slow block lis... Glenn Hall


12:09 PM pfSense Bug #13883 (Resolved): UDP checksum errors with ``ixgbe`` interfaces
It appears there is an errata on the Intel 82559 NIC's that causes issues related to IPv4 UDP frames with zero checks... Glenn Hall


09:00 PM pfSense Plus Regression #13724: pfSense-upgrade breaks the pkg repo conf
Working for me now. Was able to successfully upgrade from 22.05 to 23.01.a.20221209.1819.
Since the upgrade had prev...
Glenn Hall


03:59 PM pfSense Plus Regression #13365: ZFS widget no longer displays information
The widget is working again for me using @22.09.a.20220721.0600@ Glenn Hall

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