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08:05 PM pfSense Plus Bug #15316: OpenVPN Clients with Gateway Group Interface on DHCP Exits on Error 1
Mar 6 11:27:55 pfSense openvpn[89316]: [] Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart), restarting
Mar 6 ...
George Phillips


05:19 PM pfSense Bug #15071 (Resolved): Applying interface changes may not update default ACLs for the DNS Resolver
To reproduce:
1. Base install of pfSense Plus 23.09 with 1 LAN and 1 WAN
2. Activate an OPT interface and give it...
George Phillips


06:02 PM pfSense Feature #13416: Change gateway monitoring actions default to "disabled"
Yes plz! Gateway actions on a single WAN (most of our customers) is silly and only complicates things. Monitoring s... George Phillips


12:14 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11271: Setting default-originate in FRR/BGP Silently Appends a route-map
Basically, that drop-down menu should be empty unless the user defines their own route-maps. The ipv4, ipv6, and ipv... George Phillips


09:31 AM pfSense Packages Feature #9751: Need an "inclusive" and "exclusive" method of specifying ports
Works great now! Thanks! George Phillips


01:41 PM pfSense Packages Feature #9751 (Resolved): Need an "inclusive" and "exclusive" method of specifying ports
At this time, Avahi doesn't seem to like to run if the "allow-interfaces" config item contains more than 33 interface... George Phillips


04:30 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8825 (Resolved): Unable to activate any of the GeoIP blocking lists - keeps getting reset to disabled with PHP errors
pfSense version 2.4.4.a.20180822.1157
pfBlockerNG-Deve version 2.2.5_10
Attempting to enable *any* of the GeoIP c...
George Phillips


05:54 PM pfSense Bug #8367 (Resolved): Traffic Graph widget shows Inverse view, even when Inverse is set to Off.
Tested in 2.4.3.a.20180313.0000.
When setting the Traffic Graph widget for Inverse=Off, the graph still displays i...
George Phillips


11:28 AM pfSense Bug #8298 (Resolved): OpenVPN Wizard protocol defaults to "UDP IPv4 and IPv6 on all interfaces" causing problems
The OpenVPN Wizard's default protocol is "UDP IPv4 and IPv6 on all interfaces (multihome). However, when you are bin... George Phillips


04:56 PM pfSense Feature #7292 (New): DynamicDNS configuration does not sync to HA secondary
If DynamicDNS is configured on the HA primary firewall, it's configuration will not be duplicated to the secondary. ... George Phillips

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