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09:21 AM pfSense Bug #11581 (Resolved): Cannot configure WAN IP address with ``/32`` CIDR mask via console menu
I logged in via the serial console and used the '2) Set interfaces(s) IP address' flow. That prompts for a WAN IP and... Ken Bass


02:07 PM pfSense Bug #8085: DHCP deny client - breaks DHCP pool
I have verified that you generate the config file correctly. After trying to reproduce this again today, it appears t... Ken Bass
01:20 PM pfSense Bug #8085: DHCP deny client - breaks DHCP pool
I don't understand how this is Not a bug - forget about what I was trying to accomplish.
On the main LAN interface...
Ken Bass


04:50 PM pfSense Bug #8086 (Closed): DHCPv6 no longer working
Upgraded from 2.3 and I no longer have a DHCP v6 address from Comcast.
Attach log file snippet almost looks like d...
Ken Bass
04:45 PM pfSense Bug #8085 (Not a Bug): DHCP deny client - breaks DHCP pool
I decided that on my LAN I mainly wanted DHCP to be handed out to the static mappings and I wanted the static mapping... Ken Bass


10:12 AM pfSense Bug #6153 (Resolved): RFC 2136 Client fails to update more than 1 record
I added a single RFC 2186 Client ( and verified it worked. DNS was updated and 'cached IP' was gre... Ken Bass

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