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07:57 AM pfSense Bug #9474 (Not a Bug): no default gateway after changing the wan interface ipv4 configuration type from dhcp to fixed ip
what started the problem
- ISP unexpectedly changed it's router configuration from dhcp to static ip but all IP ar...
david stievenard


10:56 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8608 (Not a Bug): openVPN export package doesn't export compression settings
I did the test with openVPN server configured with those options activated
--> compression : lz4-v2
--> Push Compre...
david stievenard


01:00 AM pfSense Feature #7369 (Duplicate): user privileges - refine users rights to prevent admins to tamper with other admins accounts but still manage to the configuration
to prevent admins to mess around with other users admins passwords/accounts/access but still have access to the rest ... david stievenard


10:12 PM pfSense Feature #3859: Make it possible to set the source IP address for gateway monitoring
is there any updates on this feature ?
With lack of ipv4, being able to use only one public ip is a pretty common co...
david stievenard


02:20 AM pfSense Feature #2774: Extend DHCP Pools code to allow using different subnets
The first time I used pfsense I was surprised to see that it can do dhcp relay but not the other side of the coin tha... david stievenard


11:42 PM pfSense Feature #6817 (Duplicate): DHCP server service that can serve leases on networks that are not directly connected to pfsense or "central dhcp server"

I prefer keeping 'unfiltered vlans' traffic being routed by a l3 switch that is connected to pfsense with a /29 or ...
david stievenard


10:20 PM pfSense Bug #6273: gateway group will not accept "openvpn" as a group name
sorry I didn't finished my last sentence -> by the way the gateway group's name "ipsec" works
I understand but I...
david stievenard
04:57 AM pfSense Bug #6273 (Not a Bug): gateway group will not accept "openvpn" as a group name
here's the error message
The following input errors were detected:
The gateway name must not contain invali...
david stievenard

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