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11:52 PM pfSense Feature #8474 (New): Easier Conversion to HA Pair from Existing Non-HA Firewall
Requesting perhaps a guided wizard built-in to convert an existing well established pfsense 2.4.x configuration (such... Dennis Chow


07:52 AM pfSense Packages Feature #8362 (Closed): Snort and Suricata Package - Allow for changing URLs, Ports, and Protocols to allow for local Repo of Signature Updates
We should have the ability to change the URLs, ports, and protocols used (perhaps even include option for SCP/SFTP) s... Dennis Chow


10:50 PM pfSense Packages Feature #7683 (New): Splunk Universal Forwarder Package
It would be nice to have a Splunk Universal Forwarder package so we can send logs and other monitor capable files e.g... Dennis Chow

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