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07:03 AM pfSense Bug #9040: Invalid status for OpenVPN Point-to-Point Links
- After trying on a fresh install on my VM, the issue seems to no longer be present.
Please disregard th...
06:44 AM pfSense Bug #9040 (Not a Bug): Invalid status for OpenVPN Point-to-Point Links
If one defines multiple OpenVPN servers in a tun point-to-point mode (i.e. use a /30 subnet in the IPv...


02:46 PM pfSense Todo #7024: Replace copy of by pear-Auth_RADIUS
I believe the change applied in commit: e26b805 may have caused errors; specifically those referenced in issue #8617....
12:21 PM pfSense Bug #8617 (Resolved): Error on RADIUS Authentication
After switching to pfSense development snapshots I've noticed that the freeradius package has been producing some fat...


01:28 PM pfSense Bug #8380 (New): OpenVPN RADIUS password length is not constant
Hi there,
I've been running a production OpenVPN server on pfSense for the past year and I have recently switched ...


07:04 PM pfSense Feature #1831: Captive portal IPv6 support
With the growing demand for IPv6 it is essential that this feature is implemented ASAP.
Do we have a timeline on whe...


05:43 AM pfSense Bug #8080: DHCPv6 + SLAAC SG1000
I can also confirm that after upgrading to the latest 2.4.2 development snapshot that the issue is resolved and radvd...
05:16 AM pfSense Bug #8080: DHCPv6 + SLAAC SG1000
On further inspection after clearing the log file and force restarting radvd, the routing log file simply consists of...
07:04 PM pfSense Bug #8080: DHCPv6 + SLAAC SG1000
Hi Jim,
Very good point. It does seem that radvd is NOT running.
06:55 PM pfSense Bug #8080 (Resolved): DHCPv6 + SLAAC SG1000
I recently bought an SG1000 device for use on a corporate network.
I have had quite a bit of experience with ...

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