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11:17 AM pfSense Packages Feature #8574: Enable AgentX-support in lldpd using GUI
The above patch works for me. The Net-SNMP package already adds "master agentx" to /var/etc/netsnmpd.conf by default... Jon Gerdes


06:44 PM pfSense Feature #3882: Add OUI database to the base system, remove dependency on nmap
Why not reuse this:;a=blob_plain;f=manuf;hb=HEAD the license... Jon Gerdes


04:51 PM pfSense Bug #6657: Unable to add network in the source section of a LAN firewall rule
See the "best answer" here:!msg/chrome/MBEvipQlgyg/yeM-2XDkEi8J reproduced ... Jon Gerdes


04:59 AM pfSense Bug #5149: memory leak(s) in strongswan
2.2.5-DEVELOPMENT (amd64) built on Tue Oct 27 10:31:57 CDT 2015
Not completely definitive yet but the graph I post...
Jon Gerdes


10:07 AM pfSense Bug #1156: Upgrade from 1.2.3 to 2.0 with VMware tools installed will panic
This is still an issue:
Install new VM from 1.2.3-Release LiveCD
Install Open VM Tools
Use automatic updater to ...
Jon Gerdes


07:16 AM pfSense Bug #1093: Problems with em(4)
I am using 23rd Dec BETA4 amd64 on vmware with em driver.
I have been using this for some time and have never ha...
Jon Gerdes
07:06 AM pfSense Bug #1106: Error in boot process
I have not seen this error on yesterday's BETA4.
I have rebooted twice just to be sure so I think it is safe to ...
Jon Gerdes


06:56 AM pfSense Bug #859: OpenVPN wizard stopped working
I've created several OVPN servers via the wizard and can't reproduce the reported bug. Jon Gerdes
06:44 AM pfSense Bug #1002 (Closed): openvpn wizard refuses to allow same port but different interfaces
Create an openvpn server using the wizard, listening on one interface on udp/1194
Try to create another OVPN serve...
Jon Gerdes
06:37 AM pfSense Bug #900: OpenVPN Wizard: Server Certificate Wizard
I created a new server cert using wizard. It refused to allow me to continue unless all fields were filled in. I al... Jon Gerdes

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