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02:55 PM pfSense Bug #10623: Wrong Route configured for GIF interface on VLAN on LAGG
To add to this: I did select the WAN Interface in the GIF Configuration, so I would expect it to use my selected inte...
02:53 PM pfSense Bug #10623 (Pull Request Review): Wrong Route configured for GIF interface on VLAN on LAGG
I am using a VLAN on a LAGG for WAN connectivity. When I configure a GIF, there is a static route forcing traffic to ...


07:10 AM pfSense Bug #9930 (Not a Bug): Dpinger fills log with sendto errors when VPN is down
I have configured a tinc VPN Interface and I have a Gateway on that connection. If the remote host goes down (meaning...


05:31 PM pfSense Bug #9321: Traffic Graphs on Dashboard not loading with certain types of interfaces
This seems to be a race condition somehow, it doesn't always happen and I think it was loading for me before after di...


10:58 AM pfSense Bug #9763 (Resolved): Trying to set VLAN Priority causes error
I used to have a rule with VLAN Prio set to VOICE since a few years (so this rule was there during the upgrade to cur...


08:18 AM pfSense Bug #9357: rc.newwanipv6 called regardless of REASON
Actually the script posted above is only used if "don't wait for RA" is set, otherwise the "old" script is still used...


07:01 AM pfSense Packages Bug #9655: NUT missing from netgate UI
Its in your Screenshot as "UPS".
06:52 AM pfSense Bug #9357: rc.newwanipv6 called regardless of REASON
Hi Karl,
thanks for pointing this out! In that case this is fixed in 2.4.4-p3 and it was simply not marked fixed h...


09:47 AM pfSense Bug #9295: IPv6 PD does not work with PPPOE (Server & Client)
Seems like IPv6 is not on the priority list of the currently active devs, or nobody fully understands it. There are q...


11:57 AM pfSense Bug #9634: rc.newwanipv6 is called although dhcp6c should discard Request messages
The entire script is broken, even RENEW should be ignored and just REBIND should actually matter. See #9357 for a pat...

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