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08:16 PM pfSense Bug #14604: Bugs in dhclient implementation according to RFC 2131
The ISPs understanding of the RFC is not correct. A client does not need to wait up to 10 second for a response. Flole Systems


11:00 PM pfSense Bug #14373: System crashes or may become unresponsive with Captive Portal
So long story short: 23.05 is another release that's broken at kernel level? 23.01 was the one with the IPv6 crashes,... Flole Systems
08:20 PM pfSense Packages Bug #12338: RRD Summary does not report data on 3100
There was another bug that was caused when the locale was changed as rrdtool used the wrong decimal separator and PHP... Flole Systems


09:21 PM pfSense Bug #13655: DNS Forwarder (``dnsmasq``) is using an invalid combination of options when "Query DNS servers sequentially" is enabled
Just to update this: This issue is being addressed in upstream dnsmasq now in order to disallow this invalid and misl... Flole Systems


10:56 PM pfSense Bug #14077: Kernel panic from incoming IPv6 connections
#14092 is not public, so it's impossible to check what that one is about and what will trigger it. Flole Systems


08:46 PM pfSense Feature #13948 (New): Allow %any for local_addrs IPsec endpoint setting
Charon allows setting %any as local_addrs, allowing connections to all IPs. We should offer a setting to set this opt... Flole Systems


12:16 PM pfSense Bug #13916: Interface config doesn't allow colliding IP addresses even if a wireguard interface is used
I'm not really sure if I understand what you mean. In my case I have the slightly odd config of having a Wireguard VP... Flole Systems


06:54 PM pfSense Regression #12827: High latency and packet loss during a filter reload
Yeah unfortunately this is still an issue. As I said, it's still worse than before, even though it was improved. Incr... Flole Systems
06:21 PM pfSense Bug #13916 (Rejected): Interface config doesn't allow colliding IP addresses even if a wireguard interface is used
When using wireguard a config where the same IP address is used for multiple interfaces is perfectly valid. Pfsense d... Flole Systems


08:38 PM pfSense Bug #8831: Radvd causes latency spikes
At least for me this is no longer happening so I'd say er can mark it resolved (unless someone else is still seeing t... Flole Systems

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