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08:27 PM pfSense Feature #6960: Introduce Kea DHCP as an alternative DHCP server for IPv4 and IPv6
For what it's worth, for my dayjob, run ISC's internal office network with a pair of pfsense boxen (official hardware... Dan Mahoney


04:03 PM pfSense Feature #7747 (New): Minor UI Tweak: Make hitting enter on the console (esp via SSH) should not log you out, but simply redraw the menu
When you don't have a password set on the console, the net effect is the same anyway. However, over SSH, this is ann... Dan Mahoney


09:32 PM pfSense Feature #7720 (New): Add general watchdog kernel modules (like ichwd) and watchdogd support in the GUI.
Per this topic, enabling watchdogd seems to be harder than it should be: Dan Mahoney

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