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Consider replacing ISC DHCP server with KEA DHCP

Added by Bogdan P over 5 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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I think it would be a good idea to at least take a look at kea dhcp by ISC. It seems to be a much better solution for pfsense than ISC DHCP.

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Updated by Raul Ramos over 5 years ago

It looks like Facebook migrated to Kea DHCP. Should be for a good reason [[]]

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Updated by Jim Thompson over 5 years ago

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they moved because it's better.

but they have a really large environment.

we've known about kea for a while. (One of my dogs is named "Kea", the other is "sudo".)

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Updated by Eron Lloyd almost 5 years ago

Agreed. We are implementing this internally as well and it'd be great to be able to run it on our pfSense boxes.

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Updated by Bogdan P over 3 years ago

Any progress on Kea dhcp? It looks like ISC has allocated more resources to Kea and put the legacy ISC dhcp in the backlog. Right now pfsense 2.4.4 is using a deprecated dhcp version(4.3.6). If it's not feasible to integrate Kea this year please consider upgrading ISC dhcp to 4.4.1 and expose new features in the gui (ddns-dual-stack-mixed-mode, ddns-update-style standard etc)

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Updated by Dan Mahoney over 2 years ago

For what it's worth, for my dayjob, run ISC's internal office network with a pair of pfsense boxen (official hardware, because we like Netgate).

Right now, we're using Kea internally on a separate machine but it would be nice to have it as simple as it is with PfSense.

If NetGate or the pfsense developers would like to try and work out direct access to our Kea developers, please let me know.

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Updated by Jim Thompson over 2 years ago

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Hey Dan, we definitely know who you guys are. We use Kea on tnsr.

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Updated by Renato Botelho over 1 year ago

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Not enough time for this big change before 2.5.0 is out


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