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11:35 AM pfSense Bug #7817: Login CSRF token fail on boot.
Jim Pingle wrote:
> What packages do you have installed? Which dashboard widgets?
> I update about a dozen lab ...
John Pettitt


03:28 PM pfSense Bug #7817: Login CSRF token fail on boot.
OK just updated (screen grabs attached), boot screen came up after update, then waited 30 seconds and tried to login ... John Pettitt


06:55 PM pfSense Bug #7818 (Duplicate): NTP clock frequency not plotting on monitor graph
Since 2.4 the NTP clock frequency is always plotted as zero rather than the actual frequency on the monitoring graph. John Pettitt
06:53 PM pfSense Bug #7817 (Not a Bug): Login CSRF token fail on boot.
When rebooting after an update the initial login works then ajax calls start failing a few seconds later and a re-log... John Pettitt


12:02 PM pfSense Packages Feature #7548: Add absolute offset stat to NTP monitoring display
Tested, working (2.4.0.b.20170731.0959) John Pettitt

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