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dpinger doesn't renew Gateway Monitoring IP address for IPsec VTi after changing IPsec VTi subnet

Added by Azamat Khakimyanov over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

Gateway Monitoring
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Tested on 22.05

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create Routed IPsec with IPv6 addresses as a Local and Remote. In my case I used unique local address: fc00:248:250::1 and fc00:248:250::2
2. assign IPsec as an Interface and check that gateway being added and /Status/Gateways shows this gateway as Online
3. (it doesn't matter if IPsec is Down or Up) change IPsec VTi subnet. I just used fc00:248:2::1 and fc00:248:2::2 and apply these changes

1. Status/Interfaces shows that IPsec Vti gets correct IPs as an Interface IP and as a Gateway IP
2. Status/Routing/Gateways shows correct new IPs as a Gateway and as Monitor IP
3. Status/IPsec shows that IPsec is UP and running
4. Diagnostics/Ping I can ping new remote IP with IPsec Vti as a Source (and I see new IP as a Source)
5. in Diagnostics/Packet Capture I can capture my ICMP requests/replies

1. Status/Gateways still shows 'old' IP:fc00:248:250::2 as a Monitor IP BUT shows correct Gateway IP:fc00:248:2::2 ('gateways_status.png')
2. running Packet Capture on IPsec and on IPsec VTi shows that dpinger just stops sending ICMP requests for this gateway. And there are no dpinger messages in Gateway log about old or new gateway IP. Last message in System log was 'Saved IPsec tunnel Phase 2 configuration.'
3. dpinger is still monitoring all other gateways and /Status/Services shows that dpinger is active.

- Restarting IPsec or running Filter Reload don't help.
- Restarting dpinger fixes this issue immediately.

I saw the same issue
- when I used IPv4 addresses
- on latest 23.01-DEV (built on Mon Dec 05 06:05:03 UTC 2022)

The only strange thing I found is that both local and remote IPsec peers had the same IPv6 Link Local addresses on IPsec VTIs and in System log I saw
Dec 5 10:19:07 kernel ipsec1: manual intervention required
Dec 5 10:19:07 kernel ipsec1: DAD complete for fe80:8::7059:569:3b47:5e5f - duplicate found
Dec 5 10:19:07 kernel ipsec1: DAD detected duplicate IPv6 address fe80:8::7059:569:3b47:5e5f: NS in/out/loopback=0/1/0, NA in=1

For assigned IPsec VTIs when both IPsec peers are latest 23.01-DEV, LL IPv6 addresses are the same on both peers too.


gateways_status.png (42.6 KB) gateways_status.png Azamat Khakimyanov, 12/05/2022 05:24 AM

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Related to Feature #13362: Update dynamic gateway consumers when their interface is renamedNewReid Linnemann

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This might be related to #13362, there seems to be some missing functionality for updating gateways when VTI interfaces or tunnels change.

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  • Related to Feature #13362: Update dynamic gateway consumers when their interface is renamed added
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I can confirm this behavior on the 22.05 and 23.01 Beta versions.

I tried to remove the VTI interfaces before changing the IPv6 local remote address in Phase 2, but that didn't help.

Yes, restarting dpinger deamon fixes the issue.


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