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04:25 PM pfSense Bug #9577: radvd send_ra_forall failed on interface / can't join ipv6-allrouters

> The patch should resolve the issue until PR #773 gets incorporated.
> I have had installs run for more tha...


06:26 AM pfSense Bug #9663 (Feedback): panic on boot when IPv6 option "Do not wait for a RA" is enabled
When pfsense reboots, it hangs in a boot loop because of a kernel panic.
It is reproducable that it occurs when the...


09:12 AM pfSense Feature #3652: OpenVPN - Dynamic IPv6 Tunnel Network
Feature #7281 is a duplicate of that
I would love to see this feature too. Unfortunatley it is not easy to implem...
09:00 AM pfSense Bug #8498: cloudflare Dynamic DNS is not working
This was an issue in your configuration and no bug oft pfsense.
You had no entry in cloudflare. So pf...


10:40 AM pfSense Feature #8511 (Resolved): Dynamic DNS: Cloudflare Add TTL option
If pfsense triggers an Dynamic DNS Update on Cloudflare, the TTL of the entry is set to "Automatic TTL".
10:26 AM pfSense Bug #8498: cloudflare Dynamic DNS is not working
DynamicDNS with Cloudflare works for me with 2.4.3-RELEASE (amd64)
Updates for IPv6 and IPv4 are sucessfull

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