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Setting host-uniq for PPPoE

Added by Viktor Gurov almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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"My ISP uses the host-uniq part of the PPPoE PADI packet to authenticate the system before any communication. How can I set this value in PfSense?"

it's already supported by FreeBSD:


NGM_PPPOE_CONNECT (pppoe_connect)
      Tell a nominated newly created hook that its session should enter
      the state machine as a client.  It must be newly created and a ser-
      vice name can    be given as an argument.  It is    legal to specify a
      zero-length service name, this is common on some DSL setups.    It is
      possible to request a    connection to a    specific access    concentrator,
      and/or set a specific    Host-Uniq tag, required    by some    Internet
      providers, using the "[AC-Name][Host-Uniq|]Service-Name" syntax.  To
      set a    binary Host-Uniq, it must be encoded as    a hexadecimal lower-
      case string and prefixed with    "0x", for example "0x6d792d746167" is
      equivalent to    "my-tag".  A session request packet will be broadcast
      on the Ethernet.  This command uses the ngpppoe_init_data structure
      shown    below.    For example, this init data argument can be used to
      connect to "my-isp" service with "my-host" uniq tag, accepting only
      "remote-ac" as access    concentrator:


need WebGUI option

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PR has been merged. Thanks!

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Updated by Louis van Breda almost 2 years ago


A few days ago I updated 2.5 and ..... what broke my PPPOE connection (fatal). I have a strong verdict that it is related to this patch.

I did some tests:

- I did a clean install (disk formatted) from the today version pfSense-CE-memstick-2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT-amd64-20200615-0050.img.gz
- Then I did a clean install (disk formatted) of pfSense-CE-memstick-2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT-amd64-20200611-1250.img.gz
> That one was still working

So something whent wrong between 20200611 and 20200614 release and it is not fixed in the 20200615 release.

I also discussed the issue in the forum "Todays (14/6) build broke PPPOE-internet connection (FATAL !!)"

Please investigate!


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Updated by Louis van Breda almost 2 years ago


It looks like I found the problem. The solution was quite simple, however it did cost me nearly two days to find it. Lots of try and testing!

In the WAN interface there is a field MTU, that field was in my case always empty ..... that does not work any longer, at least not in my case.

Setting MTU to 1508 did the job for he. So simple ..... if you know what the problem is ....

Question is why is suddenly required to fill that field.... !!??

Lets be glad I found the problem!


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Updated by Viktor Gurov almost 2 years ago

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correctly sets Host-Uniq value on 2.5.0.a.20200617.1250:

PPP-over-Ethernet Discovery
    0001 .... = Version: 1
    .... 0001 = Type: 1
    Code: Active Discovery Initiation (PADI) (0x09)
    Session ID: 0x0000
    Payload Length: 23
    PPPoE Tags
        Host-Uniq: 111111111111111111111111111111

The "MTU 1508 PPPoE" issue is not related to this feature


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