Feature #11103

radvd: use virtual link local IP as source address in HA setups

Added by Lorenz Schori 5 months ago. Updated 26 days ago.

IPv6 Router Advertisements (RADVD)
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If radvd is configured with RA interface set to a virtual link local IP, then add it to AdvRASrcAddress in radvd.conf. This ensures that the virtual IP is advertised as the gateway address to clients.

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Associated revisions

Revision 8d4adafb (diff)
Added by znerol 5 months ago

Add AdvRASrcAddress to radvd.conf if linklocal vip is selected, refs: #11103

Revision ad27159f (diff)
Added by znerol about 2 months ago

Do not deprecate prefix if AdvRASrcAddress is specified, refs: #11103


#1 Updated by Lorenz Schori 5 months ago

Filed PR:

Instructions for testing this feature:

  • Setup HA cluster with primary and fallback
  • Setup a IPv6 link-local VIP on the LAN interface, e.g.: fe80::1:1
  • Configure the link-local VIP as the RA Interface on primary and fallback hosts

Observe that:

  • radvd.conf is present with a configuration section for the LAN interface on both machines (primary and fallback)
  • radvd.conf includes an AdvRASrcAddress section
  • RA packets are sent by the primary host with the VIP as source address, no RA packets are sent by the fallback host.
  • RA packets are sent by the fallback host with the VIP as source address as soon as the VIP switches over to the fallback host. No RA packets are sent by the primary host.
  • Default route on client machines stays the same regardless whether the VIP is currently on primary or fallback host.

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PR has been merged. Thanks!

#4 Updated by Lorenz Schori about 2 months ago

Thanks for merging. I just opened a PR for a small followup:

Sorry that I did not notice that earlier.

#5 Updated by Renato Botelho 26 days ago

MErged. Thanks!

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