Bug #11191

Installing and Removing pfBlockerNG Leaves Shell Scripts in webConfigurator Messages

Added by Kris Phillips 2 months ago. Updated 19 days ago.

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On reboot after installing and then uninstalling pfBlockerNG, a few shell scripts remain in the shutdown/reboot message in the webConfigurator. These scripts also still exist.

Stopping package AWS VPC Wizard...done.
Stopping package IPsec Profile Wizard...done.
Stopping package OpenVPN Client Export Utility...done.
Stopping package Service Watchdog...done.
Stopping package System Patches...done.
Stopping /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
Stopping /usr/local/etc/rc.d/


#1 Updated by Kris Phillips 2 months ago

Manually removing the two .sh files removes them from the UI, so it appears they are not cleaned up properly on uninstall.

#2 Updated by BBcan177 . 2 months ago

Before you uninstall, you need to uncheck "Keep Settings" in the General Tab.

#3 Updated by Jim Pingle about 2 months ago

  • Project changed from pfSense to pfSense Packages
  • Category changed from Web Interface to pfBlockerNG

Is there a compelling reason to keep the shell scripts around even if the user didn't choose that? Typically a user would only expect "settings" to be kept (read: items in config.xml) and not files on the disk. But if there is a compelling case to keep them, it may be OK.

Ideally they should be cleaned up on uninstall, though.

#4 Updated by Viktor Gurov about 2 months ago

BBcan177 . wrote:

Before you uninstall, you need to uncheck "Keep Settings" in the General Tab.

it doesn't help


#5 Updated by Renato Botelho 21 days ago

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PR has been merged. Thanks!

#6 Updated by Kris Phillips 20 days ago

Verified that this is no longer a problem. Unchecking the save settings checkbox and then removing the package properly removes these scripts and the messages from the shutdown messages.

#7 Updated by Viktor Gurov 19 days ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Resolved

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