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Add UPS Configuration Recipes for apcupsd and nut UPS Packages with Common Brand Units

Added by Kris Phillips over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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A customer requested that we add some basic "how to" recipes to the pfSense docs for basic operations in the apcupsd and nut UPS packages for common brands of UPS units.

This would include configuration examples for the various brands (with a note that some differences may exist by model), some basic automatic start up and shutdown configuration, etc.

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Updated by Jim Pingle over 1 year ago

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We could maybe add some generic info but we should not attempt to keep a list of settings in the docs for hardware we do not sell nor have access to validate no matter how "common" they may be, it's a lot of technical debt for little benefit. I don't see this being a recipe but at most some notes under those packages.

If users want to submit settings we could consider them for inclusion but that won't be up to us to take on and research and document, and the information should be clearly marked as community-submitted and possibly inaccurate. Typically the forum is better for that kind of thing, since model info changes over time. For example there have been instances of APC model numbers staying the same but different versions using different protocols/settings, and that would be a nightmare for us to constantly track and update when it is completely out of our control.


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