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Sync ACME package with upstream v3.0.5

Added by Christian McDonald 2 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Sync pfSense-pkg-acme with latest upstream

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Updated by Jim Pingle about 2 months ago

  • Subject changed from Sync ACME package with upstream v3.0.4 to Sync ACME package with upstream v3.0.5
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Updated by Jim Pingle about 2 months ago

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ACME pkg v0.7.3

Synchronizes with upstream version 3.0.5 (master branch)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix PHP array access in
  • Fixed description of DNS Sleep field #13495
  • Various upstream bug fixes for DNS providers

New features:

  • Google ACMEv2 CA (Requires additional steps before use, see docs)
  • Added field for preferred chain #11163
  • Show expiration date of certificate in list #12789

DNS Provider Changes:

  • Huawei Cloud settings changed, "Project ID" was removed, "Domain Name" added. Update any entries accordingly.

DNS Providers Removed:

The upstream project removed the following providers, which have also been removed from the package:

  • CloudXNS Domain API
  • GratisDNS

New DNS Providers:

  • Bunny DNS API
  • Danish DNS registra and DNS hosting provider
  • Fornex
  • RAGE4
  • Selfhost DNS
  • Vercel DNS
  • Yandex Cloud

Commited to devel and plus-devel (snapshots) and picked back to release branches.

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Updated by Jordan Greene about 2 months ago

was successfully able to update ACME to 0.7.3 on 22.05

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Updated by Peet P about 1 month ago

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Updated by Jim Pingle about 1 month ago

Peet P wrote in #note-4:

I see some DNS providers being removed, can we add which is in upstream acme 3.0.5?

That provider requires reading a key file from the filesystem so it can't be used/managed in the way the others can. The UI code isn't currenty capable of handling it or others like it. You can put in a separate feature request to maybe look into it but it may also be a good idea to put in a feature request upstream in the project asking it to be made consistent with other providers which read their data from the environment rather than separate files.


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