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05:57 PM pfSense Feature #9393: Improved support for USB interfaces that may not always be present
Tested on 22.05.a.20220429.1807 by adding USB NIC, enabling it and setting a static IP. Rebooted system and removed U... Jordan Greene


06:09 PM pfSense Bug #12691: Support encrypted ``config.xml`` files when restoring during install
was able to successfully load password protected config.xml from flash drive by rerooting from the console menu with ... Jordan Greene


05:50 PM pfSense Feature #13023: DNS Resolver option to keep probing when servers are down
running 22.05.a.20220409.0600 the option for "Keep probing servers that are down" was default selected in Services>DN... Jordan Greene


01:13 PM pfSense Regression #12862: Some ``sysctl`` OIDs in ``loader.conf.local`` are silently removed
Running 22.05.a.20220402.0600 on the 1100, kern.ipc.nmbclusters is not present in /boot/loader.conf or system tunables Jordan Greene
11:45 AM pfSense Feature #12819: GUI option to configure layers for LACP hash
tested on 22.05.a.20220402.0600 options for LAGG now show -
Layer 2/3/4/ (default)
Layer 2 (MAC Address)
Jordan Greene


02:26 PM pfSense Feature #12724: Notify user if AutoConfigBackup is unable to successfully upload a backup
received notification of failed backup attempt after initiating manual save and intentionally inhibiting upstream con... Jordan Greene


01:37 PM pfSense Packages Feature #12718: add igc(4) to the list of INLINE mode (iflib/netmap) supported cards
was able to start suricata inline mode on igc interface (6100) running 22.01 v6.0.4_1 Jordan Greene


02:47 PM pfSense Packages Bug #12844: Invalid title link in the apcupsd package dashboard widget
Patch works to correct Apcupsd widget link to status page - applied to 22.01 and 22.05.a.20220305.0600 Jordan Greene


04:54 PM pfSense Feature #12392: Allow the selection of "any" interface in floating rules
Any selection is present when creating a floating rule in 22.05.a.20220219.0600, wasn't fully sure how to validate th... Jordan Greene


03:30 PM pfSense Packages Bug #12030: Startup Errors for Avahi Package
Not seeing these messages upon install or startup of Avahi package 2.2_1 Jordan Greene

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