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09:42 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11098: Backup Files and Directories plugin crashes firewall if /root specified as backup location
Attempted creating backup for '/' on XG-7100 on ZFS
received following
PHP ERROR: Type: 1, File: /usr/local/ww...
09:15 PM pfSense Packages Feature #11113: New phishing feeds
see these listed feeds plus other updates
2.4.5p1 w/ pfBlockerNG 3.0.0_8


12:50 AM pfSense Feature #7467: Add iPhone/Android/Generic USB tethering support
I was able to get my iphone6s+ on ios13.5 to tether to
2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT (arm)
built on Tue Dec 15 02:56:1...


11:43 AM pfSense Bug #10806: armada_thermal fails during device_attach
temp is missing from the separate widget on the issue?
2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT (arm)
built on Sat Dec 1...
09:49 PM pfSense Bug #10806 (Assigned): armada_thermal fails during device_attach


10:10 PM pfSense Bug #10806: armada_thermal fails during device_attach
I'm seeing temps on the dash on
2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT (arm)
built on Sat Dec 05 02:56:23 EST 2020
FreeBSD 12...


10:04 PM pfSense Feature #11068: Safari 14.0.1 on MacOS 11.0.1 (Big Sur) asked for the favicon apple-touch-icon-precompressed.png instead of apple-touch-icon.png
Did not see any log errors when accessing SG-3100 on 2.5.0.a.20201127.0650 from MacOS 11.0.1 using Safari


05:19 PM pfSense Packages Feature #10141 (Resolved): pfBlockerNG - MaxMind License Registration
License registration is required and the appropriate links and information for this are included in the user interfac...
04:55 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9846 (Resolved): pfBlockerNG log file download/clear lacks validation
pfBlockerNG-devel 2.2.5_37 on pfSense 2.4.5p1 only allows elements to be selected in the drop down and I did not appe...


07:24 PM pfSense Packages Todo #11033: Update OpenVPN Client Export with OpenVPN 2.5.0 installer
Tested version 1.5_1 on 2.4.5-p1 64-bit installer worked and installed config properly but did present warning during...

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