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11:08 AM pfSense Plus Bug #12341: Gateway Monitoring Percentage Not Decreasing After Gateway Packet Loss Event
tested on XG-7100 running 21.09.b.20210911.0100
ensured gateway monitoring was enabled, then created icmp block on...
Jordan Greene


03:00 PM pfSense Feature #11978: New Dynamic DNS Provider: Strato
strato appears in the list of available dyndns providers - using 21.09.a.20210812.1456 Jordan Greene


06:28 PM pfSense Todo #11983: Hide "Reboot and run a filesystem check" for ZFS systems
diagnostics>reboot only presents "Normal reboot" and "Reroot" as choices on system using ZFS running 21.09.a.20210723... Jordan Greene
06:23 PM pfSense Feature #12090: Add new Dynamic DNS provider:
dynamic dns provider appears in drop down list - tested on ver 21.09.a.20210723.0100 Jordan Greene


06:38 PM pfSense Packages Feature #12042: Add Zabbix 5.4 agent and proxy packages
proxy and agent 5.4 are available and able to install, tested on plus 21.09.a.20210708.1151 Jordan Greene
06:18 PM pfSense Regression #12110: PHP error in on line 329
tested on plus 21.09.a.20210708.1151 - added icmp rules on separate WAN and successfully pinged one from the other Jordan Greene


08:03 PM pfSense Bug #12050: "GoTo line #" function does not work on ``diag_edit.php``
seems working -- tested on 21.09.a.20210619.0100 Jordan Greene


05:19 PM pfSense Packages Todo #11845: Update OpenVPN client export installers to 2.5.2
21.02.2 reports the following versions while installing OvpnCE in package manager - openvpn-client-export-2.5.2/pfSen... Jordan Greene


05:41 PM pfSense Regression #11702: RAM Disk Settings shows Kernel Memory at ``0`` Kb and does not allow the user to create RAM disks
Created RAM Disks on SG-2100 on 21.05.a.20210403.0100 - reports correctly on dashboard following apply/reboot Jordan Greene


05:46 PM pfSense Feature #7842: New Dynamic DNS Provider: Mythic-Beasts
Provider appears in list correctly following loopia and is selectable
tested with 20210327 build
Jordan Greene

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