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08:18 AM pfSense Packages Feature #8574: Enable AgentX-support in lldpd using GUI
with lldpd v0.9.11 and net-snmp v0.1.5_9 installed, lldpd settings offers enable agentx option Jordan Greene
07:36 AM pfSense Packages Feature #10859: Add avahi filtering feature to pfSense
Avahi v2.2 when enabled with enable reflection selected provides text entry box for reflection filtering services and... Jordan Greene


04:47 PM pfSense Packages Bug #12073: netsnmptrapd.conf syntax is wrong
ver 0.1.5_9 reports snmpTrapdAddr when running head -n 1 /var/etc/netsnmptrapd.conf Jordan Greene
01:19 PM pfSense Packages Bug #12487: Netgate Firmware Upgrade 0.41.1 offers to upgrade FW version to itself
7100 on 22.01 with Netgate_Firmware_Upgrade 0.46 does not offer "Upgrade and Reboot" when current = latest; 0.45 did ... Jordan Greene


11:01 PM pfSense Feature #12011: Disable log compression on new installations when ``/var/log`` is a ZFS dataset with compression enabled
clean install of 22.01.a.20211030.0500 on 1100 using ZFS, default selection under Status>Systems Logs>Settings>Log Co... Jordan Greene


06:13 PM pfSense Feature #10587: UPnP/NAT-PMP STUN configuration options
Options for setting STUN configuration is present in UPnP/NAT-PMP on 22.01.a.20211023.0500 Jordan Greene
05:47 PM pfSense Feature #12011: Disable log compression on new installations when ``/var/log`` is a ZFS dataset with compression enabled
2100 on ZFS upgraded to 22.01.a.20211023.0500 shows bzip2 as log compression setting. Set to none, saved and then fac... Jordan Greene


12:39 PM pfSense Packages Bug #12444: ntopng throws errors when viewing single host - same/same? Jordan Greene


07:52 AM pfSense Packages Bug #12153: Incorrect Outgoing Network Interface on clean install
on clean install of 0.4.45_5 the default outgoing network interface shows as "Default (auto)" upon first visit to Ser... Jordan Greene
07:35 AM pfSense Packages Feature #11310: Adding a widget to apcupsd plug-in
Dashboard widget for APCUPSD is available after installing and configuring package. Status, line voltage, load, batte... Jordan Greene

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