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Stateless autoconfig WAN type for IPv6

Added by Chris Buechler almost 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Need a WAN type for stateless autoconfiguration for IPv6, that's not going to be common in typical Internet firewall deployments, but it will probably be needed for a number of appliance-type deployments.

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Revision feb88a14 (diff)
Added by Seth Mos about 8 years ago

Add support for SLAAC on the WAN interface, this is required for Stateless autoconf addressing.
Normally this should only apply to Appliances that do not need to route. We automatically hook in the dhcp6 client to request name servers from DHCP6 in a information only mode. It will not attempt to request a address. For that you should use the plain DHCP6 option with a prefix size of none.
This is for redmine ticket #1834

Revision c0b1bc81 (diff)
Added by Seth Mos about 8 years ago

Make sure that SLAAC gateways show up in return_gateways_array();
redmine ticket #1834


#1 Updated by Seth Mos about 8 years ago

Further investigation:

We need to extend the DHCP6 settings on the interfaces.php with the following information modes.

Request Info
Request Address
Request Prefix

For Slaac WANS we need to disable address and prefix, otherwise it will not succeed and launch /etc/rc.newwanipv6. Possible firewall rule issue exists as well.

#2 Updated by Seth Mos about 8 years ago

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I've added the option SLAAC to the list, this hooks into the dhcp6 client to request information only.

But it does not request any other information.

The current DHCP6 client already has a address only mode. Set the prefix delegation to "None" and it will only request a Address. I didn't think of that last night.

I've checked that it successfully fires off rc.newwanipv6 and adds the IPv6 nameservers and a default route.

#3 Updated by Chris Buechler over 7 years ago

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