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Changing interface IP changes interface assignment as well

Added by Hana Purna over 12 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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When I change the IP address on my LAN interface through the Set interface(s) IP address in the console, the network card which is associated with the LAN interface changes as well. The result is my LAN interface is not accessible anymore and no routing is working. Other interfaces still work.

It happened on both 2.0 and 2.0.1.

My LAN interface was em1 and after changing the IP address, it was fxp0.
I use PPPoE on the WAN interface to have pfSense handling my ISP public IP address.
fxp0 is the WAN card but is now using pppoe0 "interface". Could it be related? Maybe the anti-lockout rule reset has some relationship with this as well.

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Updated by Scott Whitlock over 12 years ago

I can confirm an almost identical problem.

I have pfSense configured with 2 dual NIC cards:

  • bge0 -> PPPoE (WAN) to DSL
  • bge1 -> LAN
  • em0 -> OPT1 -> wireless
  • em1 -> not enabled

So what happens is, I'm using a different firewall, and I'm about to switch over to using the new pfSense firewall. The old firewall IP is First I disconnect the old one from the DSL and connect the pfSense box to the DSL, and I make sure the pfSense logs in and gets a PPPoE connection. However, the pfSense box is sitting on IP because it's not the gateway yet.

Then I go into the pfSense console, select assign IP to interface, select LAN, and change the IP to, bit count 24. It seems to go smoothly, but when the menu screen comes up, it shows that the LAN adapter is now bge0 instead of bge1. Then nothing works! It's quite a mess, so I have to go back to the old firewall, then re-assign my adapters. It's quite a pain.

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Updated by Jim Pingle almost 12 years ago

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This may have been corrected by the fixes for ticket #2490 - please re-test on a current snapshot.

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Updated by Hana Purna almost 12 years ago

I re-tested on the 2.1-BETA0-i386-20121014-1810 snapshot.

Unfortunately, the problem still occurs.

Right after installation and initial interface assignment, I changed the LAN IP from to something I can access: here no problem.
Then I restored my configuration from the webGUI. After the reboot, every interface is setup as expected:
  • WAN: pppoe0
  • LAN: em1
  • OPT1: rl0
  • OPT2: em0
  • OPT3: xl0
I then changed the LAN IP and now I have this:
  • WAN: pppoe0
  • LAN: em0
  • OPT1: rl0
  • OPT2: em0
  • OPT3: xl0

My em0 card is now assigned to two interfaces, LAN and OPT2.

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