Bug #3270


Disabling VLAN interface disables vlan port, enabling the interface doesn't enable the vlan port

Added by Todor K about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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Describing the steps to reproduce the effect I've noticed:

1. Interfaces: VLAN > Create VLAN on interface
2. Check in "ifconfig" -> the new vlan interface is up without the need of declaring and enabling it at "Interfaces: Assign network ports"
3. Interfaces: Assign network ports -> assign interface.
4. Interfaces: OPT1 -> Enable the new interface, no matter with or without IP
5. Interface in "ifconfig" is still up.
6. Now go to Interfaces: OPT1 and disable the interface.
7. Now the VLAN interface is really down - it's missing on ifconfig.
8. Cool, enable the interface again in Interfaces: OPT1
9. Although the interface is enabled, it is not really enabled (and it's not working) - missing on ifconfig.

No matter if you keep enabling or disabling the interface, it stays down.
The workaround is:
1. Interfaces: VLAN -> Click on VLAN Edit button
2. Then just click Save, no changes are needed
3. The VLAN interface is up again!

Best regards

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Updated by Renato Botelho about 10 years ago

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Updated by Todor K about 10 years ago

OS interfaces are still created and up in ifconfig after the VLAN ports arecreated at Interfaces: VLAN.
Assigning an interface to the VLAN port - em1_vlan2 is still is still up, although it's not enabled in Interfaces>OPT1.
Enabling the interface at Interfaces>OPT1.
Disabling the interface at Interfaces>OPT1 - the interface disappears from ifconfig, it's really disabled :)
Enabling the interface at Interfaces>OPT1 - enables the interface successfully - so that's the only part which is fixed.

Just to be clear:
I believe creating VLAN port should not bring up an interface at all.
Assigning an interface to a VLAN port also should not bring the interface up.
The interface should be brought up only after it's enabled at Interfaces>...

Best regards,

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Updated by Renato Botelho about 10 years ago

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The issue was fixed. What you are proposing now is a change of the way pfSense creates the interface. What you already did when create ticket #3275.


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