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Gateway monitoring issue when 2 PPPoE WANs share the same gateway

Added by Mathieu Déom about 10 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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I have 2 DSL connections plugged into my Pfsense. I use 2 PPPoE interface in Pfsense to establish the link.

Both connections are behind the same provider. So each of my PPPoE interface receive a different IP address (obviously) but the same IP for gateway (I think it's the way it's working if two DSL lines are in the same physical location)

Apparently, pfsense cannot handle this case. If I leave the monitoring IP for each gateway in auto mode then one of the gateway stays in pending mode in the gateway status and is not considered as up.

So I manually set the monitoring IP for the gateway 1 as and the other one with, it's working fine.

But once in a while the gateway status for one of them is down, even if the PPPoE configuration is correct and up.

I have to restart the apinger service and edit the gateway configuration of this interface without making any change (just edit and save) and that's fine for a few days.

Is this bug have something to do with incorrect ip route ?

If I look at this 2 routes, the monitoring route of the two gateway is leaving the same netif interface pppoe0.

It should be pppoe1 for the entry route right ?


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That type of configuration would require a custom monitor IP address configuration so leaving it on 'auto' is definitely invalid.

Normally the monitor IP addresses would have routes out their expected interfaces but other settings such as the DNS server gateways can override it, plus the fact that the gateway is the same on both can make that a bit ambiguous. There's not enough information here to say if what you have is a configuration issue or an actual bug. You may simply have to disable monitoring on the second WAN in this instance. It would be best to discuss further on the forum.

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