Bug #3627

Diagnostics: Tables - Remove button dont work after update to PfSense 2.1.2

Added by Cleocir José Hoffmann about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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After updated to PfSense 2.1.2 the "IP Address" remove button dont work in "Diagnostics: Tables" for Firewall: Aliases

bug_pfs_button.png (57.5 KB) bug_pfs_button.png Cleocir José Hoffmann, 04/27/2014 02:05 PM

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Added by Phillip Davis about 7 years ago

Fix Bug #3627 Diagnostics: Tables - Remove button dont work after update to PfSense 2.1.2

This annoyed me also, so I thought it worth finding what changes exactly broke this.
del_entry was broken on 2.1 branch by
These 2 small changes make it work again without needing to reverse the other bits of stuff in that commit.
Note that Master does not have that commit at all. There are lots of these "XHTML Compliance" and similar commits in 2.1 branch that are not done in master. I don't understand why that is. Why don't those code cleanups also need to be applied to master?


#2 Updated by Jim Pingle about 7 years ago

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It does appear to be broken on 2.1.2, but it does work on 2.2. We may want to fix it on 2.1.x if it's simple, but otherwise it's already working properly in 2.2 so it may not matter.

#3 Updated by Phillip Davis about 7 years ago

Pull request
This annoyed me a bit also, so I chased down which lines of code exactly had broken it.
Note that there seems to also be a bigger issue, that there are lots of commits on 2.1-branch for various HTML/XHTML code cleanups that have never been applied to Master. Why is that? I will ask on dev list.

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