Feature #4265

UPNP allow use of alias and schedule

Added by Bipin Chandra almost 6 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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it would be great if the upnp settings page allowed to type in individual client ip for which to allow or deny rather than just 4 permission boxes which allowed single ip each or complete subnet. Option to allow alias would be great for a start and then schedule to enable and disable based on it so it can be more useful.


#1 Updated by Kill Bill almost 6 years ago

I don't get the design in the first place. You could as many permissions there as needed, if only there was one of the standard GUIs used for these to click + to add another one. Instead of hardcoded 4 boxes.

#2 Updated by Chris Buechler almost 6 years ago

  • Target version deleted (2.2.1)
  • Affected Version deleted (All)

#3 Updated by Bipin Chandra almost 6 years ago

well, what i can do is is replace the last 4 permission boxes with a single one where some1 could type out all entries replaced with a "," for now so atleast we can add more allow and deny entries.

#4 Updated by Bipin Chandra almost 6 years ago

i mean separated with a ","

#5 Updated by Bipin Chandra almost 6 years ago

can any of the core developer let me know what would be the preferred method for those permission list so i can make changes to the code and create a pull request.
i also noticed the "Traffic Shaping Queue" field isnt valid anymore, i was reading older tickets and i guess it was mentioned that doesnt hold any importance now with some support in the kernel, if its true then i could get rid of that while im at it.

#6 Updated by Bipin Chandra over 5 years ago

this patch will allow the web GUI for UPnP to enter more user specified entries rather than just 4, I replaced the 4 boxes with one single one which would allow to add more entries separated by a comma

#7 Updated by Bipin Chandra over 5 years ago

im trying to code the schedule feature to upnp but seems im totally lost in all the php and inc file code, can any1 guide me where i need to be looking in to add this feature and also once upnp has the schedule feature with its config stored in the config xml file how to i make it trigger to enable and disable upnp daemon based on the schedule?

#8 Updated by Bipin Chandra over 5 years ago

i added the rowhelper control as well as it will allow infinite number of entries and tried it and works well

#9 Updated by Bipin Chandra almost 5 years ago

part of this is completed and working, just the part regarding schedules is missing, if some1 can guide me how to add schedules to this i would add that portion, atleast a schedule which would untick "By default deny access to UPnP & NAT-PMP?" if user specified permissions are used

#10 Updated by Jim Pingle about 1 year ago

The PR above for multiple ACLs was merged a long time ago, but there is still no support for Aliases for schedules. Might be better to split those off into separate feature requests.

See also: #8109

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