Bug #4544

PD not requested if no interfaces set to track6

Added by Jan Joris Vereijken about 2 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Bug #4436 disable prefix delegation requests when no tracking interface is defined. This causes a regression in combination with Network Prefix Translation in a dual-WAN setup and a Unique Local Address range on the LAN interface: pfSense requests prefix delegation from both WAN interfaces, and uses NPT to perform translation for the ULA addresses on the LAN toward the respective delegated prefixes, e.g. for load balancing or failover purposes.

In the scenario, the prefix delegation on the WAN interfaces is required, but there is no tracking interface, because the LAN interface needs to be static IPv6 with the ULA addresses.

I have such a set-up, and upgrading from 2.2 tot 2.2.1 broke IPv6 for this reason.

Can we have more control over prefix delegation, so that we can re-enable it in scenarios like this one?


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there is a workaround for this, but I'll revisit the subject as a whole.

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updated subject is the issue. That case shouldn't cause it to skip requesting PD, for cases where the PD is actually static and people want to statically configure it, and cases like OP's with NPT.

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The code here is at fault.

It should still include the 'send ia-pd' in the dhcp6c config even if there are no track interfaces.

With a short timeline on getting a 2.3.2 out, that's not a reasonable change to make there at this point, since this is an uncommon circumstance and has risk of introducing regressions for the common circumstances.

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