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Cannot scroll down to end of long menu

Added by Phillip Davis over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

Jared Dillard
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I even made my (Chrome or Firefox) browser full screen. When I open the Diagnostics menu it is too long for the screen. But when I scroll the right hand scroll bar the currently open page in the background scrolls down, but the Diagnostics menu items list does not move up/down.
So I cannot (easily) select items like "Test Port" and later that are at the end of the menu.
Note that I can arrow down the menu and keep count of where I am as I go off the screen - that lets me get to the non-visible menu items, but is not user-friendly.


LongDiagnosticsMenu.png (119 KB) LongDiagnosticsMenu.png Phillip Davis, 12/07/2015 11:29 AM
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Re-assigning to JDillard since he implemented the current menu style.

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Updated by Jared Dillard over 8 years ago

Are you using the fixed header? That is the reason I marked it BETA because we have some LONG menus...

If the header is static, you can scroll to see it.

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Updated by Phillip Davis over 8 years ago

Ah, yes, System->General Setup, Top Navigation was set to Fixed. I changed it to "Scrolls with page" and now of course I can scroll down and see the rest of the menu.

Now, I wonder what could be done for the "Fixed" option so that a drop-down menu that is too long will get a scroll bar, or?

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Updated by Jared Dillard over 8 years ago


Short term: My best plan is to put a note about small screen size as to avoid the problem you ran into.

Long Term: My best plan is to add better hierarchy to the menu structure and pages. A collapsable vertical side menu is also probably better for usability.

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Updated by Jared Dillard over 8 years ago

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I changed the help text to say the fixed option was to only be used with large screens.


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