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Make a less-intrusive "Store widget configuration" button when open/close widget is done

Added by Phillip Davis over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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1) When a widget is added to the dashboard the widget config is automagically saved - good
2) When a widget is removed from the dashboard a "Store widget configuration" button appears - perhaps there could be auto-save on remove also, because it is quite harmless and the user can easily add it back if they accidentally remove it.
3) If I have, for example, Interface Statistics, normally minimized on the dashboard, then I open it, probably I just want to open it temporarily to see all the data then minimize it again. For example I might put 4 or 5 widgets in the minimized state on the dashboard so I can quickly open the one I want without them all taking up loads of space.
When a widget is opened, the "Store widget configuration" button appears and there is no way to dismiss it. It would be nice to:
a) have an "I don't care, go away" option to dismiss the button.
b) some way that the button is less intrusive - maybe make it a button up in the top "Status / Dashboard + ?" strip, where it can appear (or be active) when there is a potential widget configuration change to save.

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Updated by Jim Thompson over 8 years ago

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Updated by Anonymous over 8 years ago

I think the only time we really need the save button, is after dragging/moving a widget.

I'll give some thought to how that might be improved.

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Updated by Phillip Davis over 8 years ago

The option to save (or not save) is needed when a widget is opened or minimized - in that case we probably do not want to auto-save because the user is likely to change it back again in 30 seconds, after looking at the widget displayed data. Writing a config change twice is a nuisance (on nanoBSD) and fills up the config history with rubbish.
So a less-intrusive place to press save would do.

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Updated by Anonymous over 8 years ago

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Dashboard has been changed as follows:

  1. Dashboard is automatically saved on deleting or adding a widget
  2. "Save" icon is provided in the breadcrumb bar
  3. If a widget is moved but not saved, the user is reminded to save on leaving the page
  4. The user is not reminded to save if a widget has only been opened or closed, since this is typically temporary. The current state can be saved if desired, however.
Actions #5

Updated by Phillip Davis over 8 years ago

Looks good.
The only extra tweak I can think of is to dim the "Save dashboard layout" button when there are no changes waiting to be saved, and make it active when there are changes to be saved - like the Save button on the Firewall Rules page is normally dimmed and then becomes active when some rows have been moved around.

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Updated by Anonymous over 8 years ago

I experimented with that, but ran into difficulty where a widget is open and then closed again, resulting in no net change. I may revisit later in the week.

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Updated by Anonymous over 8 years ago

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