Bug #6992

ZoneEdit DDNS does not update to CARP IP

Added by James Kohout about 1 year ago. Updated 11 months ago.

Dynamic DNS
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When using ZoneEdit Dynamic DNS, using dual wan with a gateway group for failover, ZoneEdit domain gets the WAN/Interface IP instead of the CARP IP.
Logs show that it should be updating with the CARP IP, but when you login to zoneedit it has the WAN/Interface IP.
For example:
/rc.dyndns.update: Dynamic DNS: updatedns() starting
Dec 7 11:21:34 php-fpm 11826 /rc.dyndns.update: Dynamic DNS zoneedit ( extracted from local system.
Dec 7 11:21:34 php-fpm 11826 /rc.dyndns.update: Dynamic DNS ( running get_failover_interface for remoteFailover. found _vip583af5f91f885
Dec 7 11:21:34 php-fpm 11826 /rc.dyndns.update: Dynamic DNS zoneedit ( extracted from local system.
Dec 7 11:21:34 php-fpm 11826 /rc.dyndns.update: Dynamic Dns ( Current WAN IP: Cached IP:
Cached IP shows .26 on the status screen, but login to zone edit shows, which is the WAN/Interface IP for the one router.
It does update the IP when switching over between WAN interfaces and doing updates, so it is communicating with Zone Edit - but it is giving the wrong IP address.

I tried the exact same setup using DynDNS as at test case, and DynDNS works correctly, and get the correct Cached IP. So it looks like it is something with the ZoneEdit configuration/setup.


#1 Updated by Phillip Davis about 1 year ago

Maybe sending the proper "dnsto" parameter to Zoneedit will fix this, see Pull Request:

Please test - I cannot test since it needs a Zoneedit account and the relevant pfSense multi-WAN CARP IP etc config.

#2 Updated by Renato Botelho about 1 year ago

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PR has been merged. Thanks!

#3 Updated by Jim Pingle about 1 year ago

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I created a zoneedit account (it's free, and you can just make up a domain when testing without actually pointing anything to them).

It updated using the CARP VIP correctly in this scenario. I made a single WAN and created a gateway group with one entry and selected a CARP VIP there, then chose that and forced an update. The GUI doesn't show a cached IP address, but the zoneedit web interface shows that the update succeeded and it shows the VIP as the address for the record.

#4 Updated by Jim Pingle 11 months ago

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