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Problem Syncing IP Aliases on Localhost on HA cluster

Added by Chris Linstruth over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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IP Alias VIPs can be added to Localhost on primary node and are properly XMLRPC synced to secondary's configuration.

However, the alias VIPs are not properly added to the lo0 interface on secondary. It appears that the only VIP active on the interface on the secondary is the last one added.

Additionally, if any VIP is edited/saved/applied on primary node all IP alias VIPs on localhost are removed from secondary lo0.

Rebooting secondary results in all VIPs being properly added to lo0.

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Updated by Chris Linstruth over 7 years ago

Steps to reproduce:

Create HA cluster:

Add IP Alias VIP to Localhost on Primary. Save/Apply

Results: IP Alias is properly added to Configuration and lo0 on Secondary

From there: Two paths

Path 1. Just edit/save/apply any VIP on Primary. IP alias is removed from lo0 on Secondary

Path 2: Add another IP Alias VIP to localhost on Primary. Save/Apply. All IP aliases except the one just added are deleted from lo0 on Secondary

Edit/Save/Apply any VIP on primary. All IP Alias VIPs on Secondary's lo0 are removed.

At any time the secondary can be rebooted and all configured IP Alias VIPs will be added to lo0 there. Until aliases are edited again on primary.

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Looks good here. Thanks.

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