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SNMP does not listen on IPv6 interface

Added by Marcel Hellwig about 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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$ sockstat -4 -l | grep 161
root bsnmpd 13792 6 udp4 *:*

$ sockstat -6-l | grep 161

Version 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)
built on Tue Sep 27 12:13:07 CDT 2016
FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p9

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Updated by Jim Pingle about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

It isn't capable.

The net-snmp package, available on pfSense 2.4, does support IPv6 SNMP.

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Updated by Marcel Hellwig about 7 years ago

Are we talking about the same net-snmp package? (

"SNMP is a suite of applications used to implement SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP v3 using both IPv4 and IPv6"

Actions #3

Updated by Jim Pingle about 7 years ago

The SNMP daemon built into pfSense is bsnmpd, which is not capable of using IPv6 right now.

On 2.4 we have an additional package for net-snmp, which is the one you linked, and it can handle IPv6 SNMP.

Actions #4

Updated by Marcel Hellwig about 7 years ago

Sorry. I totaly misread your sentence. I'll close this as it will be fixed in 2.4 and is not capable in 2.3 [edit] I can't close this :/ This can be closed [/edit]

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Updated by Stefan Kooman over 6 years ago

Marcel Kallinger Hellwig: We just upgraded to pfSense 2.4.2 but snmp is still not listening on IPv6. Is the solution to manually install net-snmp? And if so, how can we make it run? We just installed net-snmp and could not make it listen at all. More information on how to get net-snmp running on pfSense would be helpful in this case.

Actions #6

Updated by Jim Pingle over 6 years ago

Yes, use net-snmp. This is not the place for discussion or instruction, however. Post a thread on the forum, mailing list, or pfSense subreddit and someone can help you get net-snmp going.


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