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Parallel Rekey fails for multiple Child SAs

Added by Markus Stockhausen over 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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We are running a IKEv1 VPN connection towards a Watchguard firewall cluster. It has 10 Tunnel definitions. Whenever the Watchguard cluster fails over several tunnels stop working. Our analysis shows that the failover issues all phase 2 rekeys at the same time. The pfsense strongSwan daemon fails during this process with the following message:

Jan 11 18:07:24 firewall charon: 11[NET] <con1000|6> received packet: from to yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy500 (68 bytes)
Jan 11 18:07:24 firewall charon: 11[ENC] <con1000|6> invalid HASH_V1 payload length, decryption failed?
Jan 11 18:07:24 firewall charon: 11[ENC] <con1000|6> could not decrypt payloads

In the forum this issue is mentioned in this post

It all boils down that strongSwan only allows 3 rekeys at the same time because of parameter max_ikev1_exchanges. As we cannot control any foreign firewall behaviour pfSense should allow for all rekeys to complete. Independant of the number of tunnel interfaces. Sophos already has implemented a workaround for this. See

I would expect a two stage solution for this problem in pfSense.

1 Simple: Add parameter to /etc/inc/ in charon section and increase maximum number of outstanding Rekeys.

charon {
        max_ikev1_exchanges = 22

Although 22 is only an arbitrary value it might make sense because 12 tunnels (as in our case) should be not very common.

2 Sustained: Add warning in web interface if number of tunnels for IKEv1 VPN reach 20. So we have 2 slots safety.

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Thanks for the feedback about the pull request. I deleted the old one and added the sustained solution.

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