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Multicast-Routing realy supported in actual pfSense !!??

Added by Louis van Breda almost 1 year ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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After realy huge effort trying to make multicast across subnets work, I seriously doubt if multicast is enable and/or working in pfSense. Apart from the fact that I did not manage and I could not find any recent success story on internet or in the forum. Here after some technical issues which are at least “fishy”.

  • netstat -gs4
    No IPv4 MROUTING kernel support.
  • netstat -gs6
    IPv6 multicast forwarding:
    0 multicast forwarding cache lookups
    0 multicast forwarding cache misses
    0 upcalls to multicast routing daemon
    0 upcall queue overflows
    0 upcalls dropped due to full socket buffer
    0 cache cleanups
    0 datagrams with no route for origin
    0 datagrams arrived with bad tunneling
    0 datagrams could not be tunneled
    0 datagrams arrived on wrong interface
    0 datagrams selectively dropped
    0 datagrams dropped due to queue overflow
    0 datagrams dropped for being too large
  • Kldstat

    Id Refs Address Size Name
    1 6 0xffffffff80200000 2ddcbe8 kernel
    2 1 0xffffffff83511000 10a0 cpuctl.ko
    3 1 0xffffffff83513000 72b8 aesni.ko

Module ip_mroute.ko does not seems to be loaded

  • ps -A
    mroute not there
  • Wireshark
    I do not see multicast originated within other subnets
  • Pftop (proto icmp)
    I do not see traffic passing subnets
  • igmpproxy -d -vv /var/etc/igmpproxy.conf
    provides a lot of info ending with “MC-Router API already in use; Errno(48): Address already in use”
  • IPV6-multicast not routed when bogon rule active
  • I created a bug report IMHO it is definitively a bug! (Bug #9593: Bogon Rule (partly) blocking IPV6)
  • Necessary Firewall rules are IMHO present
    I do not see unexpected blockings, also not with “ Log packets matched from the default block rules in the ruleset Log packets that are blocked by the implicit default block rule. - Per-rule logging options are still respected.”
  • I did test with IGMP-proxy on and off and couple of different IGMP-proxy settings
  • Idem with Avahi yes and no enabled.
  • IMCP-proxy is aged, perhaps better to support pim and pim6 deamons (to extend link-local-scope)
  • For info
    I was trying to make Twonky-media sever working across subnets (no way) and to make a SMB3 share visible in multiple subnets (I can access the share, but it is not visible).

Note that when I am speaking about multicast / broadcast, that does of course refer to both IPV4 and IPV6 and to link-local scope, site-local, organization-local and global scopes.

Please, check if the pfSense used FreeBsd build, has multicast correctly enabled. As written and motivated above, I do have serious doubts.




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After reading the thread I don't see a bug here. Looks like the "fix" is for someone to make a package for pimd to setup and handle multicast routing.

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