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06:36 AM pfSense Bug #1193 (Resolved): Traffic Shaper default queue Problem
As reported here a bug in traffic shaper:
When 2 or more queues are selected as default queue, you get a
igor igor


07:15 AM pfSense Bug #1168 (Resolved): Some description fields don't accept umlauts
Entering chars like umlauts in the description-fields of aliases, they are not shown later.
Entering umlauts in the ...
igor igor


04:29 AM pfSense Bug #1081: traffic shaper wizard loops endless back to VOIP-settings
Ermal Lu├ži wrote:
> Fixed in latest snaps.
As of today with snap (i386) built on Mon Dec 13 21:32:21 EST its stil...
igor igor


11:00 AM pfSense Bug #1081 (Resolved): traffic shaper wizard loops endless back to VOIP-settings
Every traffic shaper wizard loops endless back to VOIP-settings. Respective forum-entry:
igor igor


03:38 AM pfSense Bug #304: Deleting a static gateway results in an auto-added dynamic gateway
I'm having the same error:
igor igor


06:44 PM pfSense Bug #294 (Resolved): Dashboard widget "installed packages" is defective
When opening the dashboard widget "Installed Packages" I get this error:
atal error: Call to undefined function ge...
igor igor


07:36 AM pfSense Bug #240 (Resolved): No Dyndns-Update
No dyndns-Update is working.
Even after new connect to ISP dyndns-Update it thinks IP hasn't changed: (shoewn in rev...
igor igor

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