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08:28 PM pfSense Bug #15066: PHP allocation failure in
Once again, happened while I was out of the country and not interacting with pfSense at all:
Crash report begins. ...
Alex Rosenberg


09:24 PM pfSense Bug #15290 (Rejected): speedtest-cli returning 403 Forbidden
The speedtest-cli tool is currently returning 403 Forbidden for all queries for me. When it does work, it is often li... Alex Rosenberg


09:13 PM pfSense Bug #15066: PHP allocation failure in
Happened again. No idea why. Again, no use of the dashboard at the time.
Crash report begins. Anonymous machine i...
Alex Rosenberg


07:35 PM pfSense Bug #15066: PHP allocation failure in
Jim Pingle wrote in #note-1:
> That function is used in a variety of places, including several dashboard widgets, th...
Alex Rosenberg
07:13 PM pfSense Bug #15066 (Duplicate): PHP allocation failure in
Plus 23.09 has been running without issue for some time until this crash report yesterday. No configuration changes o... Alex Rosenberg


04:57 PM pfSense Bug #9123: Adding/configuring vlan on ixl-devices causes aq_add_macvlan err -53, aq_error 14
Not sure about the similarity of conditions yet, but I'm seeing this message being logged on my FreeNAS box with the ... Alex Rosenberg


06:06 PM pfSense Bug #9187 (Resolved): Status->Interfaces doesn't show useful data for lagg
I have a lagg with two ixl members. On top of that I have a few VLANs. In the attached screenshot, TRUNK is the lagg.... Alex Rosenberg

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