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10:42 AM pfSense Revision bf03bee2: Allow Dynamic DNS wildcards for Route53 #9053
(cherry picked from commit 0b230bb2957d32059ea4610965a9507346a1d3e9)
10:33 AM pfSense Revision 2c29eaf9: Allow Dynamic DNS wildcards for Cloudflare #9361
(cherry picked from commit acfc36435c5a06e188917d11598f999a37f78469)
10:33 AM pfSense Revision 98375c63: Azure DDNS whitespace only
(cherry picked from commit ed5b58a752a2241ce052851def2a7c846361146d)
10:32 AM pfSense Revision d94886a8: Linode Dynamic DNS syntax fixes
(cherry picked from commit bd0a29ea21d0a5230b74410a7a4c1289fef38e89)
10:32 AM pfSense Revision e77f993f: Add Dynamic DNS support for Linode #9268
(cherry picked from commit b923a8251ca4b899936156db48fb9253745c41e3)


10:25 AM pfSense Revision 0b230bb2: Allow Dynamic DNS wildcards for Route53 #9053
10:10 AM pfSense Revision ed5b58a7: Azure DDNS whitespace only


07:40 PM pfSense Bug #8987: Web GUI main page very slow to load if wan interface is enabled but not connected.
Looks like Pieter and I have come to the same conclusion (see comment 10), hopefully a fix isn't too far out.


12:05 PM pfSense Bug #9361: Cloudflare Not Allowing "*" Hostname Entry in Dynamic DNS
- hide wildcard and MX checkboxes since neither are used by the Cloud...
11:58 AM pfSense Revision acfc3643: Allow Dynamic DNS wildcards for Cloudflare #9361

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