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02:55 PM pfSense Feature #1257: Handle encypted CA/Certificate private keys
I made a preliminary PR that adds support for encrypted private keys to the CA, certificate, and user managers.
Peter Feichtinger


01:17 AM pfSense Bug #9449 (Resolved): Empty lines in various forms
I noticed a couple of empty lines in some forms, which are caused by using @addInput@ instead of @addGlobal@ to add h... Peter Feichtinger


02:37 PM pfSense Revision 6216cd4f: Fix Bootstrap conversion error
Fixes a logic error introduced during Bootstrap conversion: the form and
section should always be created, because th...
Peter Feichtinger
02:37 PM pfSense Revision ee12dd78: Fix empty lines in forms
Fixes a number of empty lines in forms by adding hidden inputs using
`addGlobal` on the form instead of `addInput` on...
Peter Feichtinger


10:04 AM pfSense Feature #9426: Show PPP uptime on the Dashboard - Interfaces Widget
Done: Peter Feichtinger


06:19 AM pfSense Revision 93ca91b0: Show PPP uptime on the Interfaces widget. Feature #9426
Peter Feichtinger


07:05 AM pfSense Feature #9426 (Resolved): Show PPP uptime on the Dashboard - Interfaces Widget
This is similar to Feature #6032, only for PPP interfaces.
The interfaces widget should show the uptime for PPP inte...
Peter Feichtinger

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