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04:17 AM pfSense Bug #7145: rc.newwanipv6 running in all cases, even for a renew
Having issues with this in 2.3.3
Every 30 minutes, my IPv6 address is refreshed, causing rc.newwanipv6 to fire on al...
Øyvind Hvidsten


08:50 AM pfSense Bug #7148 (Duplicate): Spoofed mac addresses on VLAN interfaces apply to the same physical interface
I was replacing a virtual machine with a physical pfSense box. In effort to minimize the change experienced by the ne... Øyvind Hvidsten


03:20 PM pfSense Packages Bug #2918 (Rejected): ntpd doesn't sync if not bound to any interface
When no interfaces are selected under Services=>NTP, in attempt to use NTP only for timekeeping on the server itself,... Øyvind Hvidsten

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