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01:56 PM pfSense Feature #10962: Add Cpanel support for Dynamic DNS Clients
You may also get a 500 error from CPanel if you try to update a dynamic DNS record when there is already a static DNS...
01:24 PM pfSense Feature #10962: Add Cpanel support for Dynamic DNS Clients
The "Custom" service type works just fine for updating a CPanel Dynamic DNS record.
CPanel will use the IP address...


12:58 AM pfSense Bug #11134 (Resolved): VTI interfaces can be added to groups, but rules have no effect
I created an interface group that includes a routed IPSec VTI interface (ipsec1000). Despite the fact that the VTI in...


12:29 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10507 (Resolved): Unable to use forwarders
When setting the forwarders in the settings tabs, the forwarders are added under the general "options" section.
11:58 PM pfSense Packages Bug #10506 (Resolved): Recursion not working on fresh BIND install
I just installed BIND for the first time on a pfSense 2.4.5. After installation, despite the fact that I created a Vi...


10:15 PM pfSense Bug #10478 (Closed): No way of specifying the tunnel subnet mask for IPsec VTI
When creating an IPsec P2 with VTI, both "Local network" and "Remote network" fields are greyed out on the "Address" ...
09:47 PM pfSense Bug #10477 (Closed): Cannot create an IPsec P2 VTI with a disabled state
I have created an IPsec P1 with a Disabled state. Now I am trying to create a P2 VTI under the disabled P1, also with...

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