Thiago Basilio




09:48 AM pfSense Bug #3881 (Rejected): Issue building pfPort "voucher"
Using pfsense-tools with latest commit ID 3e127740d9f11962433b5f52c23ad99de55e252, when is trying to build "...
09:17 AM pfSense Bug #3833: DHCP "release" action can be triggered via GET, should only be via POST
Tested. OK!
pfSense 2.2-BETA amd64
Firefox ESR 24.8.0 win32
09:13 AM pfSense Bug #2121: pfctl -ss output has changed on FreeBSD 10
Latest snapshot seems OK.
(pfctl -ss output)...
09:06 AM pfSense Bug #3601: Assigning a PPP Interface failed
On new snapshots, interfaces_ppps_edit.php does not seems to enter on a endless loop. Clicking on edit icon, editing ...
09:00 AM pfSense Bug #3879: Unable to move widgets in GUI
Widgets can be moved, and after the changes are saved, they persist. Test OK!
pfSense 2.2-BETA amd64
Firefox ...
08:55 AM pfSense Bug #3857: is_port() validate a wrong port range
Test OK for range 1025:1027:1029.
But if you supply a port range with the ending port containing a lower value tha...
08:42 AM pfSense Bug #3856: Delete a user, edit another one and going back... delete the edited user

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